Services + Pricing

SNworks provides custom development, hosting, and consultation for media organizations of all sizes.

Our content management system, CEO, is the most advanced digital and print production system. From pitches to publishing, allow staff to produce content efficiently.

CEO is the only hosted platform that allows clients to manage and edit site templates and styles directly.

All CEO Plans Include
CEO Teams - Allow newsrooms to organize and distribute content everywhere. Online, Social, Mobile, Print and E-News.
CEO Web - Fast. Dynamic. Flexible. Publish your content how you want it when you want it.
CEO Develop - Build, manage and edit your own site template and styles all within our managed environment.
CEO Business - Increase sales & revenue, grows audience and engage with your readers. Advertising support (including CEO Advertising, Google Ad Manager, OnCampus and AdZerk)
24-hour support - Real, live humans available when you need them.
Unlimited bandwidth - No surprise charges. Ever.
Unlimited, automatic backups - Your content is one of your most valuable assets.
Unlimited storage - Did we mention no surprise charges.
Email newsletters - Custom-built email communication for your subscribers.
All archives available in CEO - Have archives dating back to 1996? No problem. CEO can handle it.
Export your data - We provide simple, automatic RSS and JSON data feeds.
No paid updates needed - We provide continuous renewed improvement.
Referral discount - 10% discount on hosting fees for every referral (up to 5 referrals).
Extra services
Create and support email aliases.
Domain registration and management.
Additional sites can be added to a single CEO instance.
Additional CEO instances can be purchased to manage sites separately under a single account.

Collegiate & Non-Profit

Private Office Corner Suite Board Room
Price $140/Month $230/Month Starts at $450/Month
Public Archives  5 Years 10 Years Unlimited
Group Training 2/Year 3/Year Unlimited
Individual Training 2/Year 10/Year
Onsite Training Additional Fee
Site Design Template Template Custom Design
Site Redesigns Additional Fee Every 36 Months Every 24 Months
Custom Development  Additional Fee 20 Hours/Year 40 Hours/Year
Prices do not include data transfer and one-time setup.


Board Room
Price Starts at $12,000/Year
Public Archives Unlimited
Group Training Unlimited
Individual Training 10/Year
Onsite Training
Site Design Custom Design
Site Redesigns Every 24 Months
Custom Development 40 Hours/Year
Prices do not include data transfer and one-time setup.


Guides Standard
Price Starts at $1,500/Year
Housing Guide
Dining Guide
Business Guide
Group Training 3/Year
Site Design Template
Custom Development 20 Hours/Year
Prices do not include data transfer and one-time setup.

Common Questions

What is "Custom Development"

SNworks wants to help you build the site and products that fit you best. Sometimes that means a little extra work on our part.

  • Things that are included in subscription fees
    • Simple third-party integrations - Example: Issuu, advertising, CampuSave Classifieds, social media feeds.
    • Site updates - Example: Font and color changes, navigation updates, page content updates.
  • Things that qualify as "custom development"
    • Custom guides - Example: Integrated business guides, interactive classifieds.
    • Custom sections and sub sites - Example: Separate magazine site.
    • Advanced integrations - Example: Paywalls, non-standard integrations.
What are "Public Archives"

All of your site's content will be searchable and available within CEO. Under our first two tiers, only five and ten years of archives, respectively, will be available on your public site and indexed by external search engines, like Google and Bing.