About SNworks

For over 15 years, we have been providing full-service web development, hosting, and support, as well as a custom-built CMS to commercial and college media groups across the country.

Owned and operated by TSN Media, our team of professional and student staff continues to evolve and collaborate. Working with reporters, editors, photojournalists, and students at The State News allow us to improve our suite of products. This ensures we're providing our partners with the services they need and expect.

The SNworks staff is made up of both professional staff and students at Michigan State University. We’re proud to offer students a place to learn and build their digital skillsets. Our student staff pursue's degrees in engineering, communication, data science, experience architecture, and more.

Management Team

Wade Bowers
Wade Bowers - Developer and Designer

Wade is a Michigan State University Alumnus with a degree in Experience Architecture. He manages CEO Guides, collaborates on CEO Web, CEO Teams, designs custom products and handles support. Wade enjoys the outdoors, as well as gaming until the light of day arrives... (as well as overnight support)

Danea Faustino
Daena Faustino - Designer

Daena is the lead creative designer and Production Manager at The State News and SNworks. She is responsible for the overall aesthetic and design of all of SNworks' printed materials.

Wesley Herold
Wesley Herold - Operations and Sales

Wesley is a former Marine and Columbia College Chicago Alumnus. He serves as the Multimedia Advisor and Operations Manager at The State News. At SNworks, he manages initial sales and client on-boarding.

Mike Joseph
Mike Joseph - Principal Developer

Mike is the lead developer and technical manager at SNworks/The State News. He is the principal developer on CEO, an operations engineer and part-time security researcher. Mike describes his role at The State News as "Assistant To The General Manager."

Chris Richert
Chris Richert - General Manager

Chris is the General Manager of The State News and SNworks. He is a former GM of student media at Columbia College Chicago and past CMBAM president. Chris has been involved in student media for over 20 years.

Marty Sturgeon
Marty Sturgeon - Accounting

Marty is a former General Manager of The State News and one of the original founders of SNworks. Since retiring as GM, she acts as accountant and consultant for The State News and SNworks. She currently resides in Ohio with Brando the dog.