Your Customers are Mobile ... Are You?

Your customers are mobile--are you? Over the past few years mobile websites have become increasingly important due to the advancements in technology. The use of mobile internet is on the rise, people are starting to use their smartphones and tablets more and more, making mobile websites important.

A mobile website is different from a standard website because it is designed for a smaller handheld display or touch-screen interface, it delivers an optimized page that’s smaller and easier to navigate. While a website with responsive designs automatically adjusts to a device’s screen size and orientation.

Customers are looking for websites that are easy to use. A mobile website or a website with responsive designs will attract customers, while a lack of responsive designs may cause customers to look elsewhere. Mobile website browsing is increasing, which means a decrease in searching on desktop computers and laptops. Only having a desktop version of a website in this mobile savvy day and age is not valuable for your business.  Desktop versions of a website will not respond well with a mobile phone, thus making mobile websites and sites with responsive designs important to a business.

Knowing that mobile websites and responsive designs are important, SNworks has made sure that Gryphon, Lobo, and Guides all have responsive designs. These systems all have responsive designs that work on any device, any place, at anytime. Sites powered by Gryphon are optimized for all browser sizes by default. All media files (videos, audio, etc.) are automatically formatted for all platforms when you upload them. These features allow customers to view your website without a problem.