Responsive Designs vs. Mobile Apps

Having a mobile presence is important for your business, but determining what type of mobile presence is a hard decision. There are multiple options, including a mobile website, a website with responsive designs or a mobile app.

There are many differences between a responsive web design and a mobile app. A website with responsive designs are user friendly sites that automatically adjust to a device’s screen size and orientation. While a mobile app is software that is specifically developed for mobile devices. Because apps are made for a particular operating system (IOS, Google Play, Apple Store) they are not compatible with all devices.

Deciding what form of mobile presence is best for your business can be hard. Making a pros and cons list of each form will help to make a decision for your business.

Responsive web design Pros:

  • A single website with a single URL.
  • Easy Search Engine Optimization.
  • Lower to moderate cost.
  • Provides control and flexibility to make changes in website.

Responsive Design Cons:

  • Having just one website for all devices may be easy for you, but not always for your users.
  • Navigation enabled from top to bottom by default. Left to right navigation requires additional customization and modification in layout and code
  • Slightly lower user experience.

Mobile App Pros:

  • User experience, specifically designed for mobile phone.
  • Accessibility and speed.
  • Left to right navigation enabled to support carousel navigation
  • Great visibility. An installed app shows up in an apps menu.

Mobile App Cons:

  • Not accessible on all devices.
  • Requires changes to be made to both the standard website and mobile app.
  • Mobile app development is expensive.

After completing a pros and cons list for your business, deciding what form of mobile presence will be best should be easier. The mobile presence of each business needs to be tailored to the business's unique needs, so what’s best for one company might not be for another.

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