How to Publish Successful Email Newsletters

Every morning is the same for most of us--we roll over in our bed, sound off our alarm and pick up our smartphones and scroll through its latest notifications.  Email, usually holding the largest amount of notifications, is almost always packed with bundles of newsletters from our favorite clothing stores, shopping centers and news organizations.  Though some of these email updates are extremely unnecessary and highly annoying, there are ways to create online newsletters that are the exact opposite.

1. Be concise and informative.

Let’s face it, email newsletters often contain too much information that we, instead of reading through them, send them to our mobile trash on the spot.  This is the wrong way to go about publishing a newsletter.

Online newsletters should be informative but also to the point.  Readers should not slave away reading over mountains of jargon that is, frankly, unnecessary.  Instead, pick out two or three important aspects or news updates about your company or organization that is worthwhile for that newsletter at that time.  

Just keep in mind...too much of a good thing might not be the best way to go!

2. Make the design interesting.

Aesthetics, aesthetics, aesthetics!  Emails are often boring, wordy and white.  Give your email newsletters a splash of color, some cool animations and even a video!  The eye craves candy just as much as your taste buds, so why not allow them to have some fun.

When designing your newsletters be mindful of organization and cleanliness.  Sure, you could have a colorful and insanely animated newsletter but if its cramped, congested with jargon and unnecessary content, what’s the point of even having it?  The design of the newsletter should be easy to go through while still pleasing to the eye.

3. Be consistent and timely.

Sending your newsletters at 3 a.m. might not be the best idea.  For those of us that wake up and read those automated emails instantly, we are less likely to actually read the content and advertisement.  

An effective newsletter might be sending them during the work day, perhaps at lunch time--thus advertising the newsletter as “Lunch Break News” or even later in the work day.  At two o’clock when the drowsiness starts kicking in, send your newsletter as “Your Midday Snack.”  What we’re trying to say is relate everything to food.

In all seriousness, email newsletters should come out at the same time of the day whether it be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.  Just make sure that your time frame of sending the newsletters is appropriate to your content and that you aren’t sending too many!

4. Don’t just send to send.

If you’ve got nothing to say...don’t send anything!  Emails with jargony nonesense make readers that much more prone to unsubscribing to your emails.  Keep your audience interested and informed.  If nothing new happened that month, don’t just repeat what happened two months earlier or add in filler updates, perhaps just add in a simple hello or reminder to check out your website.  It’s as simple as that.  

Quality or quantity.

5. Remember the goal--gain traffic toward your website.

Email newsletters typically have one goal and that is to get people to your website for more information.  Tempt the readers with special offers, cool new features and interesting stories that have to do with your organization.  Make them want to click on the link to your website.  Make the option to trash your email fly out of their minds.  

Your product is the goal and the newsletters should only enhance the success of that goal.